Intact PlayStation Gift Card Codes-2024

What is PlayStation Gift Card?

No matter what your budget is, a PlayStation Gift Card from an online shop like Amazon can come in handy. Not only will you get the latest games in-box, but you’ll also get a few nice extras in-game, such as 30% off games when you have one on your PS4.

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How to Get PlayStation Gift Card?

Like gift cards for eBay, PlayStation Gifts are for the PlayStation 3 and PS4 consoles, to use on a online store or in retail stores. Also, PS3 & PS4 consoles owners can buy PS4 1TB Black Console on any store and redeem a physical PS4 console to buy PS4 one year when they come next year. It means you need to transfer the original PS4 console into a new one, before you redeem your gift cards.

How to Use PlayStation Gift Card?

Buying Gift Cards for PlayStation consoles is a straightforward task. Visit a third-party retail store or console manufacturer and purchase a gift card that is worth your target amount. You can get a PlayStation game card in denominations ranging from $50 to $200.

You can buy an online gift card for console gaming that is sold in denominations of $10 and above. Although, it is slightly costlier, the actual value is higher. You will get to add a variety of elements to your gift card for the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. While selecting the value of your PlayStation gift card,

How to Redeem PlayStation Gift Card?

As always, redeem this coupon to buy a gift card for PlayStation Store.

Before your redemption, make sure that you’ve got enough funds in your balance. In our case, the total amount you are expecting to spend in one month is 596 INR.

If you are new to the PSN Store, follow these steps to make the payment:


Log in to your account.

Enter the code that you will get from the above-mentioned link on the payment page.

Click on “Purchase”.

Enter the amount in the voucher section and click on “Confirm”.

Click on “Request transfer”.

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